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Marketing Automation

Nurture leads, improve efficiency and accelerate communication with your customers through automation processes.

The only way to grow your business is through consistent and engaging communication with your current or potential clients. Never miss out on a lead with FitUp360, automate the way you talk to them and give yourself the time to focus on the bigger picture. Engage with potential clients, inspire current clients, automate follow-ups and so much more!

Reduce The Stress Of Constant Communication And Grow Your Business!

  • Chatbots
  • Personalised Email Marketing
  • Push Notifications
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Facebook & Instagram Integration

Meet your customers where they spend their time and convert leads across Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Pixel integration. Drive, manage and retarget potential leads using different ads on their social feeds.

Website Lead Capture

With high-performing website forms and an accelerated customer journey, move your leads further down the funnel, and do it faster. Turn your leads from potential prospects into loyal customers by never missing out on them. Ensure they get in touch with our automated chatbots.

Automated Messaging & Push Notifications

Reduce your workflow while keeping customers engaged and informed. Communicate seamlessly with automated messages and push notifications to your members, ensuring the right messages are sent at the right time.

Email Marketing

Create offers and reminders directly into your members’ inboxes when you automate, segment, and personalise your email marketing. Drive sales by including information that’s unique to each user targeting their interests, starting with something as simple as their names.


Simplify and smoothen the communication flow with your customers by enhancing the way you work. Stay up to date with the latest technologies. Some of our integrations include Wordpress, Zapier, Facebook, Google Analytics, Shopify plus so many more!